Reviews of Da Bomb Kal Bi
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Visitor Reviews of Da Bomb Kal Bi
Review By: Laurel
 I made this and it was very good.We eat a lot of ribs in NC but with a vinegar based sauce. I am not a fan of "grind" pork either. I prefer mine "pulled" or left whole but, In my opinion, NC eastern style BBQ is equal to the Korean version. However there are times when one has to have Korean and the NC version just does not cut it. Good recipe! Thanks!!
Review By: DeeDee
 Great recipe - have shared with families and friends. It's one of the best marinades for whole tri-tips and london broils. Thanks, Nate!
Review By: Victor
 Every Friday at work we have a BBQ, so I have used this marinade so many times and received lots of compliments. The guys always go for the ribs or steaks I bring when I use this marinade. As the title of the receipe says "Da Bomb Kal Bi" is no bull-lie :-)
Review By: ryan
 Hey Sean, i will try this recipe, have you had any luck making lau laus. Where are you in north carolina. i am in Raleigh.
Review By: Patricia
 This is my favorite recipe now for kal bi. The ribs turn out tender and flavorful. I also add fresh ginger and mirin and use it for teriyaki.
Tanks huh, Sean of N.C..

Patricia, Aiea,Hi, now Arizona, Punahou!
Review By: Colleen
 This really is DA BOMB. My husband is Hawaiian and he says this is the best recipe he has ever had.

Review By: Jules
 Dis one really is da bomb!
Review By: Lolita Gebhardt
 How many pounds of Kai Bi styles ribs do I put in "da juice"?