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Visitor Reviews of Chow Fun
Review By: Victor
 I strongly believe the Fettuccine noodles is not a good alternative. You can use Vietnamese banh pho noodles which similar to shahe fen noodles. I think Fettuccine noodles soaks up the sesame seed oil. Each time I used this recipe to make Chow Fun I used banh pho and Fettuccine noodles and the banh pho noodles is a much better alternative. I did not add the broccoli or cabbage, I wanted to replicate the Chow fun I knew from my younger days when I ate Chow fun at the Maui County fair. I added a personal touch of thinly sliced fish cake. The recipe suggest you can use other meats, I strongly suggest you use Char Sui pork because I believe its taste and color is what makes Chow fun a tasty recipe! If you cannot find Char Sui marinade mix or want to cut down on the prep time do as I did. Visit your favorite Chinese restaurant and order 1 pound of BBQ Pork thinly sliced. Overall I liked this recipe and would recommend it to everyone who is interested in making Chow Fun.