Reviews of Beef Teriyaki
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Visitor Reviews of Beef Teriyaki
Review By: Robert Lackie
 I have used this recipe with variations. I have not used the sesame oil, seeds or msg. This recipe is the closest that I have found to the one my mother got when we lived in Hawaii from 1954-56. I have not found any other recipe that I like better than this one. I have shared this recipe with my family and they to feel that this is the best over any other that they have eaten commercially or homemade.
Review By: Poidog
 I was looking for a simple recipe to marinate the beef I wanted to add to my stir fry veggie dish. I used all the ingredients called out in the recipe (including the MSG) and was delighted to find our wonderful this recipe was! I used boneless chuck steak and slice them into thin 1-inch slices. Mixed the sauce and combined with beef in a 1-quart ziplok bag for 30 minutes in the frige. Instead of baking I stir fried the beef in a wok on medium heat with olive or peanut oil. I liked how the teriyaki flavor has a good balance; there no ingredient that overpowers the others. The teriyaki beef was an INSTANT hit with my family! This recipe is a keeper!!!