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Visitor Reviews of Wiki Wiki Coconut Cake
Review By: Rosemary Flory
 We had this cake for my 50th birthday luau...Onolicious!!!!!!
Review By: Kathy
 I have made this cake many times and everyone loves it and always ask for the recipe.Thank you
Review By: faye
 Dis recipe is easy & ono! Wen I was living in da mainlan, my sista wen make um, oh man was ono. Now I stay move back home to Maui & wen I make um, everybody ask fo da recipe. I no need write down, just tell um.
P.S. Fo school potluck, if blue/white put 1/2 coconut in plastic bag & put food cala, to da right cala. Shake um & dry. Then sprinkle white flakes then da cala flakes. But no be lolo & use your hand to sprinkle or your hand goin be calaed