Reviews of 3 Color Mochi
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Visitor Reviews of 3 Color Mochi
Review By: Philip Tongg
 Made this recipe for graduation potluck and was told by two people that it was the best mochi they had ever had. I must admit it was good, cooked just right and I trimmed the slightly hard edges off before slicing. It was very beautiful also.
Review By: Genesis
 This recipe was great thanks!!!!!!!
Review By: Hello Moto
 I tried this recipe last luck! I followed the recipe word for word, but the mochi came out burned and bubly. Was I supposed to have the pan covered w/ foil for all three layers or just for the first layer?
Review By: Marley
 its a really good recipe but for the 1st layer instead of cooking it for 15 min. you need to cook it for 20
Review By:
 Do you mean to cook the first layer for l5 minutes, than add the next layer and cook that for 20 minutes and than the next layer for 30 minutes or do you mean to cook it for 30 minutes total?
Review By: Kalae
 Great recipe, easy to follow and quick to enjoy. Mahalo nui!