Reviews of Soong Gau (White Rice Cake)
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Visitor Reviews of Soong Gau (White Rice Cake)
Review By: laurie
 when i tried this recipe in the end it tasted to yeasty. i haven't tried it again yet but i really want to make my own cause here in calif. it is hard to find good rice cake and when you do it is very expensive.
Review By: Ana
 Yeah, I agree w/ Laurie. This is not a good recipe. It's not the kind you get in Chinatown.
Review By: kamalei
 I agree with the other two reviews. This recipe is too yeasty and not like the rice cakes found in china town.
Review By: shelley
 My rice cake didn't come out at all i followed it completely and it just remained soupy so i couldn't even eat it! I was very disapointed
Review By: Pake boy
 I was wondering, is the 1 cup rice in this recipe already cooked? Or do you put in hot water raw?