Reviews of Kailua Elementary's Shortbread Cookies
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Visitor Reviews of Kailua Elementary's Shortbread Cookies
Review By: Flo
 I tried this recipe and I love it, my kids love it. Thank you so much for sharing. My husband went out of town to work and I wanted to do a little something with my girls. I browsed "Aloha World" and there it was cookie recipes "perfect". My girls enjoyed it and so did I. Mahalo...
Review By: Mary Lyttle
 I'm new to the Aloha World web site and so far I love it. I live in California now, but when I saw this recipe I instantly thought of my elementary school days at Kailua Elementary. What fond memories. I will be trying this recipe tonight. Thank you so much for taking me down memory lane!
Review By: Regina
 I just tried to make these cookies. Does the egg belong in there? My batter was really wet, not dry like stated. I think I did it wrong. I'll try it without the egg.
Review By: lucky7
 I loved this recipe! It turned out close to the shortbread cookies we used to have in grade school. I've tried MANY but none have come closer than your recipe. Simple, fast and delicious! Thanks!
Review By: Maile
 I was a 2nd and then 3rd grader at Kailua Elementary School in the 50s! Even then this recipe was used for "juice and cooky" at recess time. It cost 5 cents to get a glass of guava juice and a piece of shortbread cooky. I now live and teach in Nome, AK, and I found this recipe while checking out da' site. We goin' have one very ono Christmas treat up hea' on our side in da snow!! Mahalos fo' whoeva' w'en pos ' dis recipe!!
Review By: Castle grad
 Shortbread does not have eggs in it but I tried it anyway (even though the directions don't mention when to add eggs). Sure enough, it turned out dense, cake-like and flavorless. Sorry, but this is not a good recipe.
Review By: 808hawaii
 everybody is right about the eggs; there is NO eggs in this recipe. when i first learned to make these cookies some long time ago (the 60s to be exact), there were only 4 ingredients. my elementary? st. joseph's school, waipahu. :)
Review By: Malia H
 Hi there. I tried recipe, did and measured exactly as it says including the eggs. Maybe the EGGS are a typo or mistake? Recipe was not good, sorry :(
Review By: Aohoku
 I've made shortbread cookies for the last 41 yrs & I've never used eggs. It's a 4 ingredient recipe, nuff said.