Reviews of Haupia Cake
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Visitor Reviews of Haupia Cake
Review By: Chara
 I made this for my own birthday party and loved it. I then made it for a baby shower and got tons of compliments and was asked to make it for a wedding reception. I think I gotta go into business now! Was super easy and super good. I am so happy to have a recipe that I can enjoy from home. MAHALOZ
Review By: Donna Marie DiFranco
 I made the Haupia Cake today and it turned out GREAT!!! I have been buying this cake in Hawaii everytime I go, but I decided to try and make it at home..It tastses even better than the one I buy..Maholo for posting this recipe on the internet...
Review By:
 Loved the recipe! Not a big coconut fan so i added pineapple to the filling and frosting, turned out Great! Thanks
Review By: Tracy
 Kinda confusing. Do you follow the cake box direction and add coconut milk,egg whites and so forth or do you replace the boxed direction ingredients with the coconut milk etc.?