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Review By: Kathy
 I didn't actually try this recipe but wanted to share that the taro to use is the Lehua type and not the Chinese or poi taro. Lehua is the one with the reddish streaks. I was given this kulolo recipe from Aunty Tiny on the Big Island: 1 5 gallon bucket of taro, 7 c white sugar, 7 c raw sugar, 3 cans coconut milk, 1/2 c honey (optional). The directions she gave are: "Wash mud from raw taro. Peel outer layer of taro (skin). Grind w/ juicer machine. Add other ingredients to taro and mix well. Line baking pan with saran wrap and ti-leaf on the bottom and fill pan 3/4 way and cover top with t-leaves, saran wrap & foil paper. Steam for 10 hours. Let cool before cutting."

I tried using 2 c taro shredded in my Cuisinart, 1/2 c turbinado sugar and 1 c Mendonca's coconut milk and steamed for 4 hours. The taste was pretty good but the color was very pale instead of the deep medium/dark brown of the Kauai kulolo (which is our standard of excellence---sorry Molokai but my family did the comparison and Kauai's version won), Next time, I will put it in my crockpot and go for the 10 hours Aunty Tiny used to develop the deep lucious color. You can do the same for making gau for Chinese New Year. Crockpots rock.....