Reviews of Dobash Cake
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Visitor Reviews of Dobash Cake
Review By: jeffy
 This cake looked at me naked and called it's friends.
Review By: Mara

This one was declared a close one, but not on the money. I don't know if it was my human error in following the directions or if there is a way to tweek the recipe to make it a closer version of one from home.

Looking foward to making it again to see if I improve with practice.

Review By: JoAnna
 The frosting came out very lumpy when done as exactly directed.
Review By: Jimmy
 The frosting:
What I do to get the lumps out is to add a little of the liquid mixture to the cocoa and cornstarch mixture since just adding the 1/2 cup water to it turns it to a very thick paste. Keep adding a bit of the liquid to the "paste" to get it at a more liquid state. After that, just whisk it back into the pan and follow the rest of the directions. When the frosting is at the right consistency, run the frosting through a sifter/strainer to remove some of the lumps.

The cake:
Remember to add the remaining 1 cup of sugar to the dry ingredients, I didn't do that and my cake turned out awful. Don't forget to divide the 1 cup of milk also. Seems like the problem with the recipe is it's instructions; it should say 1 1/2 cup sugar divided(1/2 cup for egg whites, 1 cup for the dry ingredients), 1 cup milk, divided. Also, to get a very moist cake, cover your cakes with foil after it has come out of the oven.
Review By: Yvonne
 This is not even close to what the cake tastes like. The chocolate is to bitter and the cake is not moist enough.
Review By: dazee
 Tip for a no lump frosting- I mixed the cocoa in 1/2 cup of water and then i mixed cornstarch in 3/4 cups of water. Boiled 1 cup of water with sugar, salt, butter. Added the cocoa(mixed in water) to the boiling mixture- whisk and mix good.. then add the cornstarch(mixed in water) to boiling mixture little by little while mixing.. until reached the desired thickness or consistency. Easy.. the cake was ono.