Reviews of Cornflake Cookies
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Visitor Reviews of Cornflake Cookies
Review By: Dee Seel
 What is a block of butter? Is it 8 oz.? Or part of a lb.?
Thanks, Dee Seel
Review By: Gail Coulter
 I have not made them yet but what does it mean 3 Blocks butter and 1 Block margarine?
Thank you
Review By: MsChris
 I just tried this recipe and it's delicious!

The 'blocks' are the same as sticks.

I used all butter (4 sticks) and next time, I think I'm going to try it with more cornflakes as I like them extra crunchy.

One hint when flattening the cookies with a glass, spray Pam on the bottom so the cookie doesn't stick to the glass.