Reviews of Coco Puffs
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Visitor Reviews of Coco Puffs
Review By: Charlene
 Nothing can replace the real thing from Liliha Bakery, but if you're too far from Hawaii, this is really close. My kids love them!
Review By: Auntie Heather
 This recipe is almost exactly like one I learned from Isaac Tamada, former executive pastry chef at the Polynesian Resort in Orlando, Florida.

You gotta try! An' don't fo-get da topping, iz da bestest!!
Review By: Uncle Brad, Kapaa, Kauai, Hi
 Thanks for putting me in the ball park for the chantilly frosting. I was able to make a few adjustments to the frosting and was told by many residents on Kauai that the frosting is the best on Kauai, After 8-tries, The coco puff with the modified chantilly frosting also received rave review on the local radio show, after taking a batch of coco puffs to the radio station. I ended up making a batch for my bank teller and her co-workers who herd about it on the radio. Kauai people loves the modified chantilly frosting. Here are the adjustments: I used 2-blocks of margerine/ 1 1/4-cups of sugar/ 6-large egg yolks/ 2 1/2-tsp pure vanilla extract. The recipe calls for a 13 oz. can of evaporated milk, I used the 12 oz. can. Follow the rest of the directions, and I know you'll think your eating the real thing from Liliha Bakery... Oh, I almost forgot!! I also sprinkeld the top of the coco puff's after frosting them with chopped macadamia nuts. ENJOY!! I know Kauai does everytime I make them!!!
Review By: Annette
 I tried this recipe for the office and it was a hit! There a few girls that actually thought it was from Liliha Bakery! It was a little time consuming but it was worth the effort!
Review By: miko
 I must admit I was nervous to try this recipe but I am glad I did. It was easy to prepare and not as hard as I thought. It came out perfectly, almost as good as Liliha Bakery!
Review By: chacha
 This was a very good recipe. Not sure what I did wrong with the chantilly icing as it was still runny after an hour in the fridge. I added some knox geletin, powder sugar and some cornstart to thicken so the taste might have altered a bit. Other than that it was a great coco puff. Imagine the reviews I got here in Cheyenne, Wy. they love the stuff.
Review By: nostress
 How many coco puffs does this recipe make? Thank you.
Review By: Kathy Ing Sharkey
 Just couldn't get chantilly to thicken. Modified to add 2 T of cornstarch and cut sugar to 1 C. Perfect in a side-by-side comparison.