Reviews of Chocolate Haupia Pie
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Visitor Reviews of Chocolate Haupia Pie
Review By: Kim
 I just made this recipe today for the first time. I made one to take to my family's Christmas Eve party and another for home! It is soooo good!! I highly recommend it! Not too sweet; a nice subtle blend of haupia and chocolate.
Review By: ray
 I made this pie the other day and got alot of compliments. I doulbled the reicpe and made a 9x13 in pan and made a simple shortbread like crust. very good and simple and tastes just like the one you buy in the stores.
Review By: alohagirl
 First tried this recipe 3 years ago while in the mainland and was so ono for Ted's bakery version, I had to do something! Super easy with great results but after making it over a dozen times, get tips for share!
Recipe easily makes 2 PIES! When making one, was always left with extra haupia (chocolate and coconut). So, for my pie-loving braddahs & sistahs, use same filling recipe but be careful of how much chocolate to haupia to cream and you will have two onolicious pies to share with your ohana! Mahalo to the author of such a yummy rendition of a local food experience!
Review By: Noeau
 I love this recipes. It is a BIG hit with my family & friends...Mahalo for sharing Ku'uipo.
Review By: Mokihana
 Ho, I wen make this for one potluck lass week. Was so 'ono!! All my friends loved it. Da haupia/chocolate mixture was so smooth and creamy, and da whole thing was melt in your mouth. I used a 9" pie plate and had exactly enough. Next time I going use less of da haupia with the chocolate, cuz my haupia layer could've been more. But no mattah... da whole thing was broke da mout' and I going make again!