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Visitor Reviews of Chantilly Cake
Review By: Uncle Brad; Kapaa, Kauai, Hi
 See review and adjustments made By Uncle Brad under the coco puff recipe for the chantilly frosting. Close your eyes when you eat it. You'll think your home at Liliha Bakery!!!
Review By: Melissa Serna
 This recipe is so ono, but be careful not to cook the frosting too long. I was worried about it not being thick enough and cooked it until it was really thick. After refrigerating it, it was very hard. I tried again and i thick it slightly got over cooked again because this time it wasn't hard, but sticky like caramel. You have to play around with it so you know what consistency it should be when you pull it from the heat. Of course it was ono, but sticks to your teeth when you eat your cake. I'm wondering if a double boiler would be better to use so that too much heat doesn't get to it. Good luck...
Review By: Mara

I made this recipe for the Polynesian members of my Hula Halau and they claimed it's just like they've had at home.

They were so delighted...I took it to one of our "dinners" and there was nothing left! Not even a crumb!!!

This cake has a similarity to a "GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE" but the icing is not as sweet.

As a professional Pastry Chef, I'm always looking for "new" ways to challenge myself and someone telling me that what I make is almost or as good as what they have at home is the ultimate compliment a chef and the author of the recipe!

Keep posting the recipes, I'm holding my own with the best Polynesian cooks here in Florida thanks to you! lol!!!

Review By: Madeline
 This cake recipe is awesome. Taste just like the ones I had growing up in Hawaii.
Review By: Aunty Ju
 So ono! If you lazy, you can just make the frosting part and slap it on a box mix chocolate cake.
Review By: Vina
 I love this recipe. It tastes like the chantilly we used to buy from Hawaii bakeries. It's kinda involved but the time & effort is so worth it! Mahalo for sharing this recipe!
Review By: A. Weight
 Made this cake for a friend here in UT that used to live in Hawaii and it made everybody that was at this party TOTALLY HOMESICK for Liliha Bakery! The recipe is THAT good!!
Review By: Jennifer
I just want to say that this is a fantastic cake recipe. I'm originally from Maui and I've had the chantilly cake from Komoda bakery. This recipe just brings back those memories. Since I'm living in an area with a much higher elevation, I did need to make some adjustments but the cake turned out perfect. I've tried other cake receipes and it never turned out. Thank you so much for contributing this recipe. My family loved it and I'll be making it for my son's birthday.
Review By: Kathy
 I was looking on the internet for a Chantilly Cake recipe and that's how I found this website. I made it for my boyfriends birthday (His favorite) All the guys at work totally thought I had bought it, couldn't believe it was homemade. And I used almonds instead of pecans cuz neva had.
Totally awesome. But I did overcook the frosting cuz I didn't think it was thick enough at first, but will try again soon. Mahalo, for all the awesome recipes.
Review By: mysie
 Chantilly cake was my favorite growing up in Kona, so I was so glad to find this recipe! I've made it twice now, and both times the frosting never thickened, and letting it set longer just made the butter start separating. This time I decided to add 2Tbsp of cornstarch, reboiled it, and let it sit again - the consistency was PERFECT!
Review By: Maile
 I make the frosting all the time and put it on Betty Crocker chocolate cake to make fast kine. This recipe is BOMB!
Review By: Carol aka Titasmom
 I made this recipe a while back, but just saw the opportunity to leave a review. This cake is soooo good! It reminded me of Zippy's Chantilly Cake. Great Job! (and yes, the filling is slippery so make sure it is thick).