Reviews of Butter Mochi
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Visitor Reviews of Butter Mochi
Review By: Kelei
 Brok da mout dis one! Way to go Lynette for posting it up!
Review By: Rayna
 This recipe is so easy and the mochi is so good! Thank you Lynette!
Review By: Jessica
 whoa auntie dis mochi was so easy to make and was soooooooo ono!! everyone that ate it said it was good even da haoles at my job!! dis one is one winna!!!
Review By: A. Weight
 This butter mochi recipe seriously is AMAZING!! I've made this soooo many times by request (here in UT) "I no moah nuff fingahs and toes fo count anymoa"!! Broke Da Mouth fo' Real!!
Review By: Lavon
Review By: keet
 Ono is right! Everyone loved it!! I wanted more coconut flavor so I add two cans coconut milk and omitted cow milk. The more intense flavor was big hit as well. Got a batch in the oven as I type.
Review By: Alexandra
 One of the best deserts I ever tasted. My kids will love this. Very easy to make.
Review By: Keone LaGourgue
 Aloha! Good recipe but no way does it fit into a standard Osterizer blender. So I combined ingredients in a large mixing bowl with a hand mixer, then finished smoothing the batter in the blender in two batches. It was "ono" as promised!
Review By: Kisha
 Love this recipe! Da best.......da kine comes out perfect!
Review By: Mokihana
 Ho da ʻono!!! I wen make dis foa da firss time lass week foa one mainland potluck, and all my haole friends loved it. Dey wen whack um so fass! Da oni change I wen make was cuz da can coconut milk I wen use had moa den da recipe wen call foa. So I jass wen cut down da same amount on da milk.