Reviews of Mango Bread
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Visitor Reviews of Mango Bread
Review By: Sherrel M. Dayanan
 This recipe is the shizzle. I have made tons and tons and TONS of it for all the haoles and locals here in Vegas....I get the same results. They all want more or they all want the recipe! Super moist and super tasty, I won't try any other Mango Bread recipes. This is it!
Review By: Cheryl
 Excellent...........baked bread in smaller pans for 25 minutes, excellent.
Review By:
 Loved this recipe! Made some changes to it though. I mixed the cinnamon and mangoes together, then set it aside. I added a little more oil to make it more moist. Also more mangoes, much tastier and flavorful. Don't like raisins, so I omitted that from the recipe. Yummy! Thanks for the recipe.