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Visitor Reviews of Lomi Lomi Salmon
Review By: Victor
 Out of the 4 recipes for Lomi Lomi Salmon that are posted on Aloha World, this one caught my attention because these four ingredients: Lime juice, Sugar, Tabasco sauce, pepper; whoever heard of adding SUGAR? I just had to try this recipe. I selected two salmon fillets and trimming off the skin, then I covered them in rock salt (I used Hawaiian Salt) and let them sit in the refrigerator overnight. The next day I gave the fillets a water rinse then diced them, and the did the same for the round and green onions. For the tomatoes you can remove the skin and the seeds before dicing them; it depends on your preference. When it came to the those four ingredients I added a teaspoon of each and thoroughly mixed everything. My taste buds were pleasantly surprised! There was the tangy flavor of the Lime, and the spiciness of the black pepper and Tabasco sauce. I believe sugar is what balance them all out to give the Lomi Lomi Salmon that special taste I just instantly enjoyed! As I always say, "THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY A KEEPER."