Stew Luau Haole Style  
Recipe Number: 1236816738
Contributor: Laurie
5 lbs Roast Beef
2.5 lb fresh young Spinach
Sprinkle of oil (olive,vegetable or etc.)
1 can beef broth
6c. water (approximately)
Hawaiian Salt to taste
Cooking Instructions
Cut beef into 1 inch cubes and fry up in a stew pot with a little oil of your choice to carmelize, adding Hawaiian salt to season. After browning all sides of the meat, put about 6 cups water and the 1 can of beef broth and simmer until tender. Once beef tenderness has been reached, stuff in as much of the clean spinach as can, let soften in heated water stir and continue until all the spinach is inside pot. Let simmer about 30 mins. or until it reaches the tenderization you like.
Additional Comments
Wow, taste just like the real stuff. With some poi broke the mouth. My family liked it so much I had to make it again the next night! Another big pot!

If you cook it in a presser cooker you cut time like crazy. Depending on the kind of meat you use too. Try not to get the real lean meat cuz you no, not as ono. Getting the right amount of Hawaiian salt into the beef is pretty much what can make or break your ono-ness. I eyeball so I really can't say how much just kinda sprinkle over the meat before frying. I usually add water until it reaches kinda close to the top. Couple inches. Costco sells the 2.5lb bag of twice rinsed young spinach.

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