Ono Pulehu Shrimp  
Recipe Number: 1223003543
Contributor: Unko Brad
3-lbs 26-30 (size P & D shrimp), shells on
1 Pineapple, skined & cut into 2 inch triangles, 1 inch thick
1 lb Bacon, cut in half down the middle
1 lb Mushrooms, stems trimmed.
2 8 oz bottles Papaya seed dressing
1 pkg Short skewers, washed & soaked in water.
Cooking Instructions
Using 2 skewers for each kabob, pierce 1st skewer from bottom side of shrimp near tail end & another towards the head end. Be sure the skewers are close enough so that you can skewer the pineapple above the shrimp, then skewer a second piece of shrimp on top of the pineapple, then using half a strip of bacon, wrap a whole mushroom with bacon and skewer on top of second shrimp. Continue making skewers as stated above until all are used. When done, place shrimp kabobs in a container and marinate in papaya seed dressing in refeer for 4-6 hours. When grill is ready, cook kabobs until shrimps are done. You may use marinade from container to baste shrimp kabobs while grilling.
Additional Comments
Best eaten right off the grill while hot! TRY IT! SOOOO ONO!!!