Cheater Egg Rolls  
Recipe Number: 1208107631
Contributor: cnecki
1 lbs. Ground beef
3 cans sliced Green beans
Salt and peppa to taste
Seasame oil
Won ton wrappers
1 Onion, chopped
or 3 green onions, chopped
Cooking Instructions
Brown ground meat with onions. Drain grease. Add green beans with salt and pepper with a little of the juice from the green beans, instead of water to add more taste and moisture. Wrap one tablespoon of the mixture into the won top wrap if you use big size, one teaspoon if little size. Roll like burrito and seal with wata. Heat seasame oil and brown until you like the color. Make sure wipe extra oil off, tasta bad when greasy.

Healthy way, bake until golden brown, Oh but paint seasame oil on egg roll to give the taste.
Additional Comments
In the market one day looking for new way to make egg roll easy kind. Japanese lady says do it this way for 20 years. Tried it oh so goood!!!!!!!!!

Tanks auntie in the market.