Tutu Kane Glenn's Firehouse Meat Marinade  
Recipe Number: 1203747975
Contributor: Fas' Baba
1 part Aloha Shoyu
1 part Cane sugah (from Hawai'i
10 slivers garlic, smashed wit' one fork
5 pieces ginger, 'bout like one nickle coin
Cooking Instructions
Poke any meat you like with one fork or slice with one knife. Put everyting in one pot 'cept da meat and boil until da sugar melts. Put da meat in one tuppah ware or someting li'dat. Wen da sauce stay boiled, pour over da meat. Cover and stick in freezah, icebox, coolah... whatever goin' make 'em cold fas' kine li'dat. Ono fo' grill or broil.
Additional Comments
Learned dis from Fire Captain Jack Ladra. Stay ono. Da hot sauce goin' make da meat expand, da quick chill goin' make da meat contract. Don' know wat dat means but da buggah stay ono. Tutu Kane Glenn no like da ginger inside but ... up to you.