Ono Broiled Sushi  
Recipe Number: 1197086856
Contributor: Cathy Bourne
3 C cooked Rice
1 C Sour cream
1 C Mayonaise, light kine
10 sticks Imitation crab meat
9-10 Shitake mushrooms, chopped
Furikake nori
Korean nori
Cooking Instructions
Mix sour cream, mayonaise, mushrooms and shredded crab. Spread cooked rice in a 9x13 glass dish or pan. Sprinkle generous amounts of furikake nori over rice. Pop with crab mixture. Broiled for about 8-10 min. or till brown. Spoon individual portions into Korean nori.
Additional Comments
Very,very ono from Aunty Cathy Bourne from Pahrump, NV