Pigs Feet Soup  
Recipe Number: 1184109545
Contributor: Steve
5 lbs Pigs feet
1 pkg Dashi(soup base)
Chinese squash
Hawaiian salt
3 Tbsp White miso
Water and or chicken broth
Cooking Instructions
Place pigsfeet, crushed ginger, a pinch of Hawaiian salt and dashi in a large pot. Add liquid to cover at least 2" above ingredients. Bring to boil then turn down heat to a simmer for 1hr. Cut diakon and squash into 11/2 -2" pieces and put aside. Soak konbo in a bowl of water, when softened, tie into knots and cut into 21/2" pieces and place aside. Skim off fat from top of liquid. After an 1 hr of simmering, add miso to pot and taste. Add more salt if needed or more water if too salty. Add rest of ingredients and simmer for another hour or till pigsfeet is tender.
Additional Comments
Use Chinese parsley and or green onions as garnish