Ono Kim Chee Soup  
Recipe Number: 1179349841
Contributor: Steve
1 pkg Porkhash about a lb.
5 cloves Garlic minced
Ginger thumb size crushed
Salt & Pepper
1 Tbps Cooking oil
1 bottle Kimchee
1 block firm Tofu
Chicken broth
Kochujan sauce
Green onions
Chinese parsley
Cooking Instructions
Heat oil in a large pot on high heat and add pork, ginger and garlic. Once pork is browned, add Kimchee of your choice (I use wonbok)and stir ingredients till evenly mixed. Add enough chicken broth to cover ingredients, salt, pepper and kochujan sauce to taste, bring to boil then turn off stove. Cut tofu into 1 inch cubes and add to pot and serve.
Additional Comments
You can add additional vegetables that you like. Use green onions and Chinese parsley to garnish.