Grilled Tuna Sandwich  
Recipe Number: 1176009722
Contributor: bradahned
2 slice bread (white bettah)
1 can tuna (drained & shredded)
2 Tbsp minced onion
3-4 Tbsp Best Foods Mayo
2-3 Tbsp buttah
Cooking Instructions
Mix the tuna, onion and mayo or howevah way you like make your tuna mixtah foah tuna sandwich. Then, buttah one side of the bread, then, put the buttah side down on a medium hot frying pan. Then, put the tuna mixture on the bread that stay in the pan and spread the tuna so the buggah covah the whole bread. Take the 2nd slice bread and buttah one side of the bread. And then, put the 2nd slice on top of the oddah half of the sandwich that stay in the pan. When the bottum look brown (not papa'a)turn the buggah ovah and brown the oddah side. As soon as the oddah side brown the buggah izzz ready foah grindz.
Additional Comments
Eh, if you like add cheez you can. Then, you can call it, "grilled tuna sandwich wit cheez"! This buggah is ono wit side of Kimm Chee and Soda (32oz)