Spam with Cabbage  
Recipe Number: 1175781525
Contributor: Kaipo
2 cans Spam
1 Head cabbage (da green one)
1 can Tomato sauce
1 Onion (anykine is good, but I like Maui onions
Little bit Brown sugar
Cooking Instructions
Cut da spam in cubes. Slice da onions. Any size you like. Fry'em with little bit oil. When da ting is brown, turn down da heat and add da tomato sauce. Wait till da ting kinda up to one simmer. Den add da cabbage and da little bit brown sugar, like a pinch, cause you no like da ting be supa sweet ... juss a little. Stir in the cabbage and sugar. Cover it so the water come out of da cabbage. When da cabbage stay soft, you can grind!!!
Additional Comments
You gotta have white rice and shoyu, and if you like hot kine. Da buggah is supa ono with little bit tabasco... dass it! ALOJAHZ!!!