Spam and Peas  
Recipe Number: 1165418573
Contributor: Craig Wix
1 can Spam
8 oz frozen Peas
Cooking oil
1 8 oz can Tomato sauce (plain is best)
2-3 C cooked rice
Cooking Instructions
Dice Spam and brown in frying pan with a little cooking oil on medium heat. When browned to your liking, turn heat down to simmer and add tomato sauce and peas. Simmer for 10-15 mins and serve over hot rice!

If you start cooking the rice first, it will all be done about the same time. Be careful with the Spam..... it's easy to burn it. I use half of a 1 lb bag of frozen peas, but the original recipe called for 10oz, so use what you like. I put the peas in the microwave so that it's not too watery in the pan, but you can add them to the pan frozen and let them cook that way. I usually use 2-3 cups cooked rice, but you can adjust up or down to your taste.
Additional Comments
I grew up eating this and all my haole friends stare at me and make fun when I eat it. That's ok....more for me!! Hope you like