Simple Boiled Peanuts  
Recipe Number: 1145472216
Contributor: Al
Large Stock Pot
Water to cover peanuts
Hawaiian Salt
2-3 pieces Anise
Cooking Instructions
Fill stock pot with enough water to cover peanuts. Add Hawaiian salt a little at a time and taste it until desired saltiness. Add anise (more can be added depending on how strong the anise taste is desired).

Bring water and anise to a boil, then add peanuts. Bring water back to a boil then turn down to simmer. Stir peanuts every 15 minutes and cook exactly 45 minutes. Turn off stove and let peanuts soak until cooled. Peanuts will be soaked through but still crunchy inside. Pack in zip lock bags and refrigerate.
Additional Comments
With this recipe, you can use any amount of peanuts, even a 1 pound bag and get the same results.