Steamed Salmon with Ginger & Green Onions  
Recipe Number: 1137713115
Contributor: Colleen
Wild Salmon filet(s)
Red bell pepper, sliced thin
Yellow bell pepper, sliced thin
Green Onion, sliced thin & diagonally
Fresh ginger, julienned
Toasted sesame oil
Tamari, soy sauce
Cooking Instructions
On dish to fit steamer, sprinkle bottom with sesame oil. Lay salmon filet skin side down on oil. Sprinkle filet with soy sauce, just for taste. Spread red & yellow pepper slices over filet, as much as you like is fine. Sprinkle green onions and ginger on top, as you like for flavor. Then sprinkle a little more sesame oil on top. Steam for 20 minutes, until fish is done. Serve with steamed brown rice.
Additional Comments
For most dishes I serve with rice. I will make a vegetable fried rice with lots diced carrots, celery, green beans or zucchini and mung bean sprouts, or whatever you have or like. This cuts down on the starch eaten with this meal.