Kim Chee Ali'i  
Recipe Number: 1137481643
Contributor: Kalani
Bok Choy/Napa Cabbage Heads, bottom removed, cut in half length-wise, and each half cut into thirds (width-wise)

Daikon & Carrot, julliened (match stick size, but slices or half slices is ok too). For amounts you can just go by feelngs, but I use about 1 cup each per head of cabbage.

Hawaiian salt or rock salt. You can eye the amount, however much you like taste, but I use about 1 handful or more per head of cabbage.

2 clean Plastic grocery bags per head or two of cabbage, one bag inside the other.

Plastic tupperware style containers with lids, or you can use ceramic or glass containers, or even just zip lock bags

Used first for uncovered fermentation and then later for covered storage in refrigerator.

Garlic, minced. Again, however much you like, but I use about a half head of garlic per head of cabbage

GingerRoot, minced. I use about 1 thumb size ginger root per head of garlic, but however you like do em is ok too. But the ginger going to get pickled too, so the flavor will change.

Green onions, sliced about 1-2 inches long, slice the white part 1/4 inch or thinner, use as many as you like, I use about 3 green onions per head of cabbage.

Dried coursely ground chili pepper flakes, no seeds; Korean shops get this one. The more you add the hotter it going be. I use about 3/4 cup to 1 cup per head of cabbage. Mild maybe just 1/4 cup, medium maybe 1/2 cup, etc.

White or rice wine vinegar, optional. Use as needed and as a preserving agent.
Cooking Instructions
Place the cut heads of cabbage, the daikon, carrot, and Hawaiian salt in the plastic grocery bags. Mix them well inside the bag, don't use your hands, just shake the bag, or mix from the outside. Place the bag on the counter and open the top of the bag. Leave the bag open as you lomi (massage) the cabbage through the bag with the heel of your hand. After a few minutes let the cabbage rest bleed juices while you mince the garlic and ginger and prepare the green onion and Chili. Add the garlic, ginger and green onion. Mix well. Add the desired amount of chili pepper flakes and mix well, until the chili pepper is uniform throughout. Let rest a little while longer to let the rest of the juice bleed out of the cabbage. Pour cabbage and all juice into the storage container. Press the cabbage down into the container with a wooden spoon to bring the juices to the top. If the cabbage is not covered by juice add some of the vinegar until the cabbage is covered. (Adding vinegar will also help the kim chee to last longer under refrigeration, and kill any harmful bacteria that may have entered the kim chee from your hands).

Let sit out, uncovered, overnight, two nights if you feel the kim chee is still too "fresh". I usually do it just one night, or a day and a half, but go for 3 nights if you like it more fermented, then cover the container tightly and refrigerate.
Additional Comments
This kim chee brings tears to my eyes everytime I eat it. It can be eaten as a snack the same day if you don't have any more left in the icebox. Serve with Potato-mac salad, rice, and your choice of island specialities.