Kim Chee  
Recipe Number: 1136729359
Contributor: John Subia
2 lbs Chinese cabbage
1/2 C Salt
4 C Water
Seasoning: 2 tsp minced Red pepper
3/4 tsp minced Garlic
1/2 tsp minced Ginger root
1/2 tsp Paprika.
1/4 tsp Ajinomoto (MSG)
1 Tbsp Sugar
Cooking Instructions
Cut cabbage 1-1/2 inch lengths. Dissolve salt (table salt) in water. Soak cabbage 3-4 hrs. Rinse and drain twice. Add seasoning to cabbage in 1 qt. jar, cover loosely, and let stand at room temperature 1-2 days. In using cucumber instead of cabbage, sprinkle slices with salt. Let stand for 10-15 mins., rinse and add seasoning.
Additional Comments
Add more chili pepper if not hot enough.