Jesse’s Vegas Poke  
Recipe Number: 1132329605
Contributor: Jesse Ferreira
1 lb Ahi
1 lb Tako
1 lb Salmon
1 lb Shrimp, not raw kine
1 Cucumber, no take off da skin cut in half long ways and take out seed
1 C limu, chopped up
Chili sesame oil
Hawaiian salt
Chili pepa water
Cooking Instructions
Cut up all da fish up in bit size pieces, after you take da seed out of da cucumber, cut real thin, add limu and salt to your liking, then da chili sesame oil and chili pepa water, not to much cuz da chili oil is kind of hot too.
Additional Comments
Hope you enjoy. I live in Vegas now but all the locals here go to da fish market we have and order Jesse’s Poki and da guy at the fish market knows what they want.