Fresh Corned Beef Pan Laulau  
Recipe Number: 1129418824
Contributor: max d.
3 pkgs fresh Corned beef
2 lbs fresh Luau leaf or frozen spinach for da mainlanders
6 Ti leaves washed and deveined(optional)
1/4 C water
you can add whatever else you want to this recipe. I've added pork ribs, beef short ribs, chicken thighs with the fresh corned beef and they were all ono too.
Cooking Instructions
Line a large 12" x 16" disposible roasting roasting pan with three of the deveined ti leaves. Thoroughly wash luau leaves and set aside. Rinse brine off of corned beef and cut into 1 1/2" cubes. Place five layers of luau leaves and 1/4 C of water over ti leaves at bottom of pan. Next evenly layer corned beef cubes. If also using other meats, place it under the corned beef. Place the remaining luau leaves over the corned beef followed by the remaining 3 ti leaves to cover the pan. Tightly seal pan with heavy duty tin foil. Place another 12" x 16" baking pan under the first just in case it leaks. Place in preheated 350-375 degree oven for four hours or until meat is tender.
Additional Comments
Serve hot and no dishes to wash... just toss da pan away