Ono Kine Pupus  
Recipe Number: 1119075539
Contributor: Rob
Lumpia wrappers cut diagonally - triangle shaped
American Cheese - triangle shaped
Sugar (granulated)
Egg/milk mixture with brush
Cooking Instructions
This is a fast easy recipe and it tasted good - ono. You roll a triangle piece of cheese, inside the lumpia that is sliced triangle shaped. Put a half teaspoon sugar inside before wrapping. Point away from you, fold two ends in first then place sugar roll til it is log shaped then seal with egg mixture. Make sure oil is VERY HOT. If not cheese will melt all over. It has to be a real fast fry - like only a minute or two. Drain lumpias on paper towels.
Additional Comments
This is an excellent pupu for parties - and an entree for a meal as well. Cheap, fast and ono!