Easy Fried (Saimin) Noodles  
Recipe Number: 1115454361
Contributor: Mike Mullen
1 package dry Saimin noodles(any flavor)
1-2 slices of Spam (chopped up into cubes)
2 C Water
Aloha Shoyu
Cooking oil
Cooking Instructions
Boil Saimin noodles in a small pot for 3 minutes or until soft. Do not mix premixed powder in water. Fry cubed Spam while boiling water. Drain water and strain noodles. Place strained noodles into oiled frying pan with Spam. Fry noodles for 3-5 minutes. Constantly mix the noodles so it dont stick to the pan. Add 1/2 pack of dried Saimin powder to fried noodles. Mix. Pour Shoyu on noodles (to taste) and mix. Fry for one more minute. Enjoy.