Teri-Spam Musubi  
Recipe Number: 1113427034
Contributor: Cass
1 can 25% less sodium Spam
3 tsp Sugar
4 tsp Shoyu
3 cups cooked Rice
Nori to cover musubi (cut 3 pcs. from 1 sheet)

Cooking Instructions
Mix together sugar/shoyu and leave on da side. Cut spam into 8-10 pieces long way and brown in frying pan; add da sugar/shoyu mixture and set aside and wait for rice to pau cook. To assemble w/o musubi maker: Take 1/3 sheet of nori place on plastic wrap, lay spam slice perpendicular (big word eh) to nori sheet; and put about two ice cream scoops of rice on spam and den fold da nori over da rice. Using plastic wrap form into familiar rectangular musubi shape and enjoy. If you have one musubi maker lucky you... even easier.
Additional Comments
Shoyu Tuna Musubi: Take 1 can of tuna, squeeze out oil or water and place in pan with 3 tablespoons sugar and 4 tablespoons shoyu and cook until liquid stay gone. Make da same way except put about 2 tablespoons tuna in middle of musubi...rice, shoyu tuna, rice (for dis variation da retangular musubi maker makes assembly much easier!)