Crockpot Laulau  
Recipe Number: 1112266454
Contributor: Malia
25-30 Taro leaves
2 lbs Pork, cut up/cubed
1 lb Salted butterfish
Hawaiian salt
Taro or sweet potato (optional)
Cooking Instructions
Clean and remove stem from taro leaves. Season pork with Hawaiian salt. Cut up fish in pieces. With 3-4 taro leaves, wrap your seasoned pork and fish tightly and layer it in crockpot with open seam facing bottom of pot to avoid laulau from opening. If using a small crockpot, a good 10-13 small laulaus will fit tightly packed. Next, turn your crockpot on to medium for 6-8 hours or high for 4-6 hours. Depending on your crockpot, you can also add cubed taro or sweet potato in your laulau.
Additional Comments
This recipe is great for that busy person... just prepare it the night before, and the next morning just before you walk out that door to go to work, just turn that dial to "on" and when you get home after work...guess what going be waiting for you.... hey, you wen cook rice? What about the poi and the lomi salmon? Haupia?