Hamburger Patties with Cream of Mushroom  
Recipe Number: 1101154818
Contributor: Kuuipo Kahaloa
4 lbs Ground beef or ground pork
2 slices Bread (wheat or white)
1 Egg
Salt and pepper to taste
1 family size can Cream of mushroom soup
1/2 can milk or water
Cooking Instructions
Turn the stove on with a big pan to medium. (When you warm up the pan first,it'll cut down cooking time.) Put the beef/pork in a bowl. Next tear the fresh bread in the bowl. Then crack the egg inside. Add salt and pepper. Then you shape it into a ball, smash it down with your palm to make it a patty size. When you have filled up your pan and your patties are cooking, you can mix the cream of mushroom soup with milk or water. (I prefer milk for a creamier taste but it's up to you.)
Additional Comments
This recipe can be easily adjusted by how many people you are serving. Also to help minimize splattering of oil all over the place, you can use a splattering guard available at the stores or with 3 paper towels scrunched up. With the pan still hot, just soak up the oil in the pan while your cooking. When you follow this last tip, clean up will be a EASIER.