Spam Spread  
Recipe Number: 1100465828
Contributor: IwaLani
1 can Spam
1 8 oz pkg Cream cheese
1/c Pineapple jam (or Guava, or Mango)
Ritz Crackers
Cooking Instructions
Grind up Spam (or smash with fork). Softened cream cheese.

Layer in small to medium serving dish. First layer the Spam, then cream cheese, then the pineapple jam.

Serve on the Ritz Crackers. Small butter knifes can be placed around serving dish with crackers and guest can serve them selves (as this is not a Dip) Or you can spread on the crackers yourself, and serve as appetizers.
Additional Comments
When you try the frist cracker, you can't just have one! Great for parties.