Uncle John's Tin Foil Lau Lau  
Recipe Number: 1097721033
Contributor: Lee Lani
Tin foil
Spinach/frozen (if get)
Corn beef (from can)
Black olives (from can too)
Onion (not from can, just cut up)
1/2 cup Mayonnaise, mixed with little bit water (or canned coconut milk)
Pinch salt
Shrimp (if get status - try make rich)
Cooking Instructions
Open can corn beef. Slice into 10 servings. Tear tin foil 'bout 8 inch wide and rip in 1/2. Put scoop spinach, one piece corn beef, (and few shrimp if get) couple slice onion, 2 olives, pinch salt, (maybe, depends on blood pressure) an den pour on mayo mix (or coconut milk). Den, take ends of tin foil, pull up around like one taco, and fold to seal ends tight. Line 'em up in steamer but make sure it no touch the water or gon be soup. (you mess up, still good, jes use spoon). NO forget the rice and da tomato, and da onion, (what eva condament, maybe some kim chee). Should be done 15-20 min. No take long. Betta den frozen dinna and moa healthy. Poor mans lau lau prepared by a rich hearted friend.