Uncle Bradz Onolicious Loko  
Recipe Number: 1097720813
Contributor: Garrick
4 lbs Pork intestines and heart
1 finger Ginger (Smash Um)
Hawaiian salt to taste
1/2 tsp Aji (Optional)
White pepper to taste
1 large Onion, slice
2 16oz cans Chicken broth
1 Tbsp S&S saimin base
1 Tbsp Vinegar
2 Potatoes, diced 2"
Cooking Instructions
Turn da intestines inside out with da chopstick.(Rinse um good!) Cut da intestine in 2" pieces and slice da heart in 1/4" pieces. Put da intestines in da pot and cover with water and vinegar and boil um fo about 10 minutes. Throw away da water and vinegar and rinse um. Add da rest of da ingredaments (except da potatoes)in da pot and make um boil. Simmer fo about half hour. Den add da potatoes. Cook um till potatoes ready.