Tuna Omelette  
Recipe Number: 1097720611
Contributor: Stanley (Moon)
3 Eggs
1 can 6oz Solid white tuna
1/4-1/2 Onion, diced
Pinch of chopped Garlic
Dash of Ajinomoto (optional)
1 Tbsp Shoyu
Ground Black pepper to taste 1 Tbsp butter or frying oil.
Cooking Instructions
Finely scramble the 3 eggs in a bowl (no put the shells in okay?) Add all the rest of the ingredients together and blend/mix well. (If you like your tuna chunkier, add last and do not blend so much. Preheat butter in a 5-6 inch sauce pan. Pour mixture into the pan and fry on one side until underneath is slightly brown, then flip over to other side. (If you don't wait until it is a little brown, the buggah going broke and now you have scrambled tuna, still good though). Wait until flipside is also lightly brown, add a dash of shoyu on top, remove and serve with hot rice. Use ketchup or Tabasco to taste if you like. Should feed two people, but if you really hungry, only one. Enjoy!
Additional Comments
My mother used to make this recipe for me and my friends when we came home from the beach, or after camping in our front yard. For those that never had it before they would always ask for more, and she would make more, cause really easy.