Spam Hash  
Recipe Number: 1097716267
Contributor: Larry
1 can Spam, chopped in cubes
1 large Onion, sliced thin the long way
1/2 Cabbage, sliced thin,(like coleslaw)
2 Potatoes, cubed small,
Soy sauce, to taste
3/4-1 tsp Oregano
Pepper, to taste
Chicken broth, just for moisture
1 Tbsp Oil
Large frying pan, enough to fit everything and cover
Cooking Instructions
Fry potatoes in oil in pan 'til get brown. Cover and let cook on low for a few minutes. (good time to go get one cold one) Den, tro your onions and Spam in dare. Mix. Cover and cook 'til little bit brown. When brown, add little bit broth, cabbage and spices. Stir, and cook 'til done. Add soy sauce to taste. Add more broth if you like but don't make too soupy. Serve over steamed rice. Ono.