Pork, Peas, Pimientos  
Recipe Number: 1097631741
Contributor: Braddah Bernz
1 large boneless Pork butt
1 Round onion, medium dice
1 whole head Garlic, peeled & crushed
Apple cider vinegar
3-4 Bay leaves
2 Cinnamon sticks, split in 1/2
Tomato sauce
1/2 bag Frozen green peas
2 large Red bell peppers, sliced length-wise
Salt & pepper to taste
Cooking Instructions
Remove part of the fatty layer of the pork butt. Cut up as you were doing for stir fry dishes. Marinate pork with the next 6 ingredients on the above listed box. Notice that I did not add how much cups to add. Rely on your own tastes, more of shoyu/vinegar, or less, it's up to you. I recommend you marinate it for 24 hours for maximum flavor. In a large wok, the wok has to be visually "smoking" to achieve proper browning of the meat, stir fry the pork. As the pork is half way done cooking, add in the tomato sauce; you don't want this dish to have a powerful tomato flavor, this is used primarily for color. Once everything is to your liking, check to see if it needs more salt and/or pepper. Combine the peas and the peppers. Serve with steaming hot white rice. Add in tomato sauce ONLY for color.