Mainland Style Lau Lau  
Recipe Number: 1097548978
Contributor: Faye
2 lbs Pork butt (cut in 2x2" square chunks
2 lbs Beef (cut into 2x2 squares)
Choice of Fish (to desired size)
8 Bundles Fresh spinach (washed/cleaned)
Wrights Liquid Smoke
Hawaiian Salt to taste
Heavy duty foil
Cooking Instructions
Place each type of meat in separate bowls with about 2 Tbsp liquid smoke in each bowl with Hawaiian salt to taste and lomi each type of meat to coat. Cut foil in squares (Using the length of box as guide) Place a big handful of spinach on center of foil then place one piece of each type of meat and then another handful of spinach fold foil wrapping tight 9 they will shrink alot. Repeat until all lau laus are made. Place in a steamer for 4 hours watch the water level in pot or you may also put in a roaster with some water (not touching lau laus) and steam in oven for 4 hours. Next best thing to island lau laus.