Ma-Po Tofu  
Recipe Number: 1097548557
Contributor: Anthony Chung
1-2 lbs Ground beef
3 C Tofu (cubes)
1 C Onion (diced)
1/4 C Garlic (diced)
1/2 C Green onions (diced)
2 tbsp Black-bean sauce (gettum at da asian market)
2 Tbsp Oyster sauce
2 tsp Vegetable oil
Pepper to taste
Red hot sauce (optional)
Cooking Instructions
Heat pan with oil and garlic. Saute onions for 2 minutes. Add the ground beef and cook until the red is gone. Combine the oyster sauce, black bean sauce, and pepper. Stir-fry for awhile and mix in the tofu afterward. Add hot sauce if you want to spice it up. Top with green onions at the end. The whole ting take about 6 minutes fo' make! Ono ova hot rice!