Kamaka's Fried Noodles  
Recipe Number: 1097543249
Contributor: Kamaka
3 pkg Ramen noodles
1 clove Garlic
1 piece Ginger
1/2 Tbsp Sesame oil
Oyster sauce to taste
1/2 C Green onions
Optional veggies: carrots, celery, onions
Optional meats sliced: chicken, lop chong sausage, char siu, Spam
Cooking Instructions
I just use Ramen noodles... boil da watah..put da ramen noodles insai...wait till come soft...drain in one strainer... put on da side for litto while. Heat da frying pan... put some sesame oil insai... smash one clove garlic. smash one small kine piece fresh ginger thro'em in da pan. (let da garlic and ginger smell up da house... hooo good smell... Let da buggah cook little while... mebbe tree minutes lah dat...watch no burn eh?) Fo' da meat can use sliced: Spam Lop Chong Cooked Chicken Char sui eh wot ewa you like... Char sui my favorite if can get or if I get da mix for make befo' hand. Chop up some green onion for sprinkle ontop wen pau. If you like sum'mo veggies lah dat ... thin slice celery or carrots or onions (thro' em ontop da garlic and ginger). Thro' da noodles insai da pan with the garlic, gingah sizzling. Thro' some oystah sauce on top... not too much... da buggah salty. watch out. Thro' da meat of choice on top. Let dem buggahs all mingle mingle talk story lah dat. Turn down da heat cuz it's FRIED noodles NOT BURN noodles!