Kalua Pig Unda Pressah  
Recipe Number: 1097541712
Contributor: Unko Joe
6-8 quart Pressure cooker
4-5 lbs Pork butt (w/or w/o bone)
1-2 lbs Belly pork (w/skin)
about 1/4 C Hawaiian salt
2 caps full "Wrights" Mesquite flavor liquid smoke. (hickory flavor o.k.
too, mesquite taste like "Ki'awe" kine.)
1-2 pcs Banana leaf. (Asian stores get um in da frozen section.)
Cooking Instructions
Put one banana leaf on da bottom of da pot. Add pork belly & butt next. Fill pot with water covering at least half of the meat. Add Hawaiian salt, liquid smoke and other banana leaf to pot. Cover pressure cooker and place on high heat. When cooker starts to make noise. Turn heat down to med-high. Cook for approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Start timer from the time it starts to make noise (In other words, when it starts to hiss). Make sure water doesn't run out in da pot so check once or twice by removing from heat and running cold water on top of pot until pressure is gone from da pot. If water level is low, add until it covers about 1/3 of da meat. Place back on stove, let hissing start up again and continue countdown from there.( I know sounds like plenty work, but trust me, it's worth it. Besides all good things come to those who wait). After time has expired. Remove from heat and check again. You going see green stuff it's o.k. jus' take 'um out and remove green stuff from pork. Shred da pork with two forks ( If no mo' nuff flava, do wat Sam Choy do. Mix 1/4 cup water with salt and liquid smoke to taste and pour onto shredded meat.). Enjoy!
Serving Suggestions:
I figga if can bake and boil, den can also pressha-cook. Saw da recipe in

Sam Choy's cook book. Couldn't find tea leaves so got to tinkin'. "Ehh? wen we kalua in da ground, we no use tea leaf. We use banana leaf and all." Wife and kids played a big role in dis recipe. Dey wuz my critiques. Also my frenz from da Bay Area Concord, as well as Patterson, CA.