Izzie's Way to Kalua Pork  
Recipe Number: 1097469815
Contributor: Izzie
8-10 lbs Pork shoulder arm picnic
1 tsp Salt
Garlic (to your liking, maybe 5 cloves or so)
4-5 Bay leaves
Liquid smoke
Cooking Instructions
Remove skin from pork shoulder and lightly "tan" pork on hot skillet all over. Cover pork shoulder with water in large kettle and bring to boil. Add crushed cloves of garlic and bay leaves, reduce heat and simmer until pork falls easily from bone. Remove pork and reserve liquid as soup stock. Now, shred, shred and shred the pork (sampling is permitted at this point *hee hee*). In large frying pan, begin frying shredded pork and add a little salt and liquid smoke a little at a time until the desired flavor is achieved. The pork can be made "crispy and moist" by slowly adding some soup stock while frying until you reach "perfection". Mmmm mmmm Ono!
Additional Comments
This recipe is a great one mainly because it turns out great whether you cook 3 lbs of pork or 20 lbs of pork. It's all so easy to adjust to your taste and turns out "less greasy" than pit pork, for those of us who are trying to cut down on our fat intake. Also, do NOT throw out the Soup stock!!! The stock makes excellent soups! Just return a little pork into the stock, add veggies and Yummmy! Another meal to satisfy even the most hungriest appetites! ENJOY!