Broke Da Mouth Pulehu Ribs  
Recipe Number: 1097097018
Contributor: Glen
5 lbs Pork ribs or baby back pork ribs
1 box Brown sugar
1 C Aloha Shoyu, ada kin to salty
1 C Oyster sauce or to taste.
3 C Ketchup
1 Whole glove garlic
Cooking Instructions
Da first thing one must do is to boil da ribs, place da whole glove garlic inside da big pakini (pot) add ribs and bring to a boil, watch the meat as it exposes the bone about 1/4 inch. Dump da water and let it cool off. Da trick to this is to make sure all da water is drained and da puaa ribs are cool. Now you add the ingredients. Now da sauce, is very easy to make. Mix da, shoyu, sugar, Oyster sauce and ketchup all together. You can either pulehu da ribs after you soak da bugga's or you can let it stand over night. Your choice, sometimes I no can wait so I just geevum to the grill and kaukau right off da grill.
Additional Comments
Dis type is a little bit Pake style wit da Hawaiian Flair. If you want to make more, just multiply by 2 or wat eva you amount of people who want to eat. In Germany, da Deutche cannot believe dat dis Hawaiian can cook, if I can cook, you can cook. Aloha